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Dalibor Cicman, CEO & Founder at GymBeam

Welcome to my personal blog. As the CEO and founder of GymBeam, I share my experiences and insights regarding eCommerce, web analytics, business, but I also deal with various related topics.

From early childhood I attended a computer club where I learned programming languages. I’ve been programming websites since I was a kid (around 1999), but since 2002 I’ve started programming custom websites. I learned how to create websites in PHP, web analytics, digital marketing, hire and manage teams of IT developers and digital marketers, or implement complex IT projects with 100% remote teams…

In 2003, at the age of 16, I founded my first e-commerce project, which I later transformed into This project pioneered the DTC business model in Central Europe and continues to thrive today. In 2014, I left it as a medium-sized company with 50 FTEs and a GMV of 5 million.

It was during my studies at two universities in parallel. During this time, I started several companies that failed and several digital mid-sized businesses that I exited and are still operating today.

Since 2014, I have been building an international D2C eCommerce in the field of health and fitness – GymBeam. I am building it with a great team from the small town of Košice (Slovakia).

  • 2014 establishment of GymBeam, acquisition of Slovak sports nutrition brand BodyFit and rebranding to GymBeam
  • 2015 GMV €3M/year – first expansion into Hungary
  • 2016 GMV €6M/Y – second expansion to the Czech Republic
  • 2017 GMV €12M/Y – move to a new warehouse with an area of 8000 m2
  • 2018 GMV €16M/Y – 1st million customers
  • 2019 GMV €24M/Y – establishment of €6M investment, the largest investment in e-commerce in Slovakia
  • 2020 GMV €43M/Y – expansion into PL, GR, RS and BA, the company operates in 14 markets with local teams
  • 2021 GMV €63M/Y – the most popular sports brand in Slovakia: Top of mind 30 (2. 6) Spontaneous knowledge 38 (2. 9) supported knowledge 72 (2. 52)
  • 2022 GMV €105M/Y – 1st fitness brand in 4 Central European countries according to vote share
  • 2023 – local teams in 16 European countries, over 500 FTE members, best crossborder ecommerce award (Web Retailer Award), Prague Fitness Hub TOP CZ store of Year award, 1st ESG Report

Our team managed to build the GymBeam sports brand with a turnover exceeding hundreds of millions of euros per year. GymBeam is currently one of the fastest growing e-shops in Central and Eastern Europe. It currently offers 120 brands and thousands of products in its portfolio. A significant part of the company’s sales comes from its own production under the brands GymBeam, VanaVita, BeastPink, STRIX and XBEAM.

The goal of my blog is to offer valuable information based on my experience or knowledge and at the same time motivate people to do business. I believe that it will be a source of interesting content for you.

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